To Introduce engineering materials and their properties for manufacture, Specifically, related to metal forming applications, Introduce manufacturing process and mathematical analysis of these processes, importance of quality in manufacture and to introduce different aspects of quality including statistical approaches of quality and sampling techniques, establish a knowledge on metrology for manufacturing engineering applications and finally the application of all above in a manufacturing emphasizing vale engineering, material and process selection, etc. by providing detailed practical and theoretical knowledge.

Course Coordinator: 

Ms. W.M.S.B.Kumarasinghe

Aims :
To give mechanical engineering students the knowledge and understanding of common manufacturing processes, metrology, quality and other aspects of manufacturing engineering so that they can effectively work in the manufacturing industry.
Course coordinator :
Ms. W.M.S.B. Kumarasinghe

To enhance students’ knowledge and understanding on the principles of industrial automation in designing/developing manufacturing systems in industry so that they will be able to implement algorithms/controllers in PC/ Microcontroller/PLC and verify desired performance of an automated manufacturing system.

Course Coordinator:

Mr. Dharshana Athauda
Aims : To enable students to understand the underlying principles of modern manufacturing systems so that they can plan, control and manage manufacturing systems effectively.
To improve the knowledge of students on metal forming and related topics so that they can solve problems related to industrial forming applications.

Course Coordinator: Dr. W. A. R. Manamperi
To enhance students’ knowledge on quality and reliability engineering related topics so
that they can analyse and solve industrial problems to improve the quality and
reliability of products, manufacturing processes, and systems.

Course Coordinator: Dr. (Mrs.) R. A. Ekanayake