This course module covers basic concepts and theories required to design a Manufacturing Plant and to Manage its facilities. The entire content will be covered in several chapters.
The lecture panel consists of Dr. Asela K. Kulatunga (Coordinator), Mr. Malan Jayawickrama (Lecturer), Mr. Ruwan Hemachandra (Instructor) and Mr Siva Kamalakannan (RA).
To enhance students’ knowledge in model building, system identification, analysisof dynamic systems and control design techniques, especially in the discrete domain so that they will be able to model, design, analyze, and implement controllers in PC/ Microcontroller and verify their performance.

Course Coordinator:
Prof. S.D. Pathirana
To introduce students to the main concepts in financial and management accounting
to students so that they can interpret financial reports and effectively work as
engineering managers.

Course Coordinator: Dr. (Mrs.) R. A. Ekanayake
To introduce students to the concept of sustainability in product design, development, and manufacturing processes and to cultivate sustainability in the mindset of manufacturing engineers in order for them to use these concepts in their day to day decision making.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Asela Kulatunga
To give students the knowledge and understanding of analytical and simulation methods used to measure/evaluate manufacturing systems performance so that they can select appropriate methods to analyze real manufacturing systems.

Course coordinator : Dr Asela Kulatunga
AIM: To improve the knowledge and skills of students in Additive Manufacturing technology and related topics so that they will be able to select appropriate technologies and materials and adopt proper design methods for creating models and manufacturing components using additive manufacturing.

Course Coordinator: Dr. A. Manamperi