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Students meeting with the UoP Student Charter preparation team

by Ms. Iroshini Ratnapala -

Dear Student

The Student Charter preparation team of UOP has organised an online meetup with students on 21st October 2021. Meeting Details are as follows. You can download the UGC guideline documents under the "Faculty Documents". The message issued by the committee is attached herewith.

The details of the meeting are given below;

Date:  21st October 2021

Time: 9.45 am

Meeting ID: 684 4666 3423

Passcode: xx&#4NCT


Enable you notifications-problem fixed

by Ms. Iroshini Ratnapala -

Dear Students

Now you can enable your notifications. If you will receive the same mail repeatedly after 10 a.m. on 14th October please drop a mail to

Receiving Bulk notifications from FEeLS

by Ms. Iroshini Ratnapala -

Dear All

Due to a server problem, several forum notifications are sent to your inbox. NCSU is working on the error. You can temporary disable the notifications by visiting the notification preferences.

Seems the problem is not yet solved.

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